Labour Services

The KPLP Labour Services Division Recruits, Trains, and Manages various labour pools for the Vegetation, Utility and Environmental Industries. Our primary focus is to provide employees who are best-suited for our client's construction project needs.

Our labour pool is drawn from our large database of qualified, Aboriginal employees as well as KPLP's vast sub-contractor lists that have been obtained over several years of business relationships. We also find there is a clear benefit to matching employees to projects close to home so they can bring their knowledge of the land and community to the project –and this is a practice we strive for as much as possible.

Furthermore, the Labour Services Division trains employees to have the required Training, Tickets and Certificates for any project or team. All employees must also pass Drug and Alcohol Pre-Site Access Tests to be considered for employment.

We have developed streamlined Payroll and Administrative Process to ensure our clients do not incur additional administrative costs. For more information, email KPLP at info@kitsakiprojects.com.