Vegetation Management Services

The KPLP Vegetation Management Division has the people and equipment necessary to perform forestry-related clearing as well as powerline maintenance. We can assemble crews of up-to 200 people on short notice. Our employees have a wide variety of skills specialized for this type of work. This division can quickly mobilize to clear an area for our clients and allow them to continue working no matter what the conditions. KPLP has continued to train and upgrade the certifications held by our Aboriginal workforce such that we now have Danger Tree Removal Certification as well as 15 Apprentice Utility Tree Workers. In addition, KPLP can offer herbicide application to clearing operations in a wide range of geographic scenarios.

We also offer Powerline Construction and Maintenance Services to the Utility Sector. For more information, email KPLP at info@kitsakiprojects.com.

Vegetation Experience

  • Mulching
  • Brush Cutting
  • Tree Trimming
  • Hydro Axing
  • Processing & Skidding Wood
  • Hand Slashing